Dorrington Community Garden aims to provide a welcoming and friendly space that can be enjoyed by our local residents in order to enhance their health and wellbeing and to promote sustainable practices and biodiversity within the community.

Dorrington Community Garden aims to: 

1. Be a welcoming place where local residents can come to rest, learn or work.

2. Be a community resource for promoting healthy food, gardening, sustainable living, good health and positive community interaction.

3. Improve the local environment by increasing biodiversity and protecting and encouraging wildlife.

4. Provide education and training in organic gardening through the growing of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Dorrington community garden is a communal green space where the whole community can sow, grow and harvest together. So whether you want to come down to check out the garden with a picnic, pop along with any spare garden tools or plants, or just get your hands dirty with some weeding and building, join us every Thursday 10am-12pm, or the first Saturday of the month at 2pm!

To learn more, click to see our recent projects and plans for the future, drop us an email, or even better, come and shake our muddy hands!

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